About Us

What we do

DariJobs is the next Africa’s largest online job site for the best talents across the globe. We are helping people to find qualified jobs in Africa and connecting employers with the high-quality candidates they need.

DariJobs reaches people with opportunities across the web through exclusive partnerships with multinationals and governments as well as through innovative use of social networking sites.

Our Mission

Connecting the best talents of African diaspora to the best employers in Africa.

Our vision

Africa is the new frontier for growth and african countries challenges are some really big big opportunities for world-class talents. Our optimism on Africa’s growth outlook is based on many studies (Accenture, HBR, KPMG, etc.) that pointed out the significant positive changes apparent in five key dimensions: consumers, resources, talent, capital and innovation:

– Growing consumerism in one of the world’s largest markets

– Increasing global demand for Africa’s resources

– Capital is flowing more freely, which facilitates trade

– Innovation is unlocking new growth areas

Multinationals, International Non-Governmental organizations and governments investing opportunities in Africa are looking for the best talents to work with them in Africa. At DariJobs we believe that this favourable economic outlook attracts more and more talents from African diaspora to work in Africa. We believe that african emerging cities are offering an affordable good quality of life as never before: High-end housing, High speed Internet, luxury malls and good restaurants. So there are good reasons to understand why many talents decided to settle in Africa. DariJobs feels honored to help connect these talents to the best employers.

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